Welcome and Introduction

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Welcome! We're so glad you're here. Follow these tips for success.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Because this is a self-paced course, it helps to set a time on your calendar to spend working on the course every day or a couple times a week. Pull out your calendar, schedule the times you will set aside for Spirituality and Mental Health and prepare to learn, stretch, and grow. Be intentional about completing this course and you will be blessed.

MATERIALS YOU WILL NEED: A printer and/or a notebook and pen/pencil. Print out the workbook pages available for download as you work through each module and keep them in a binder. If you don't have a printer, keep a notebook close by to make notes and write down thoughts and assignments.

SUPPORT EACH OTHER: At any time you may leave comments and/or questions in the comment section below about any aspect of the course. Others will also benefit from your thoughts and insights about what you're learning. Share with each other.

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